Have an Earth

by Wolfist

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released December 29, 2015

Guitars recorded @ Heavy studios, Tel aviv, israel
Vocals recorded by Adam Maor
Mix & Master by Adam Maor



all rights reserved


Wolfist Israel

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Track Name: Inside the Fire
It burns!
and you know just why
i'm not carrying on all this ,shit!
you know why
look what you've done
you're drowning in your own rain
you delude your self
still trying to reach my hand?!

There's something you don't tell me
but i'll figure it out myself,
look what came out from planting all of your regrets
and while the quicksand starts on running up to my face
i will keep my final words
giving up my one last breath

Face me now
don't tell me how
you tried so hard, not to be fading out
so let us run into, the safest place called home
Inside the fire

Now take your one last breath
put on your pity face
Track Name: Selfish
I'll help myself this time
tell myself that i'm fine
but you can see it in my eyes i'm burning up inside
(of me) there's a page that i can't read
and its blowing up my mind
it worn me up inside
i'm burning on a line that splits my heart and all the rest
it's keeping me awake my smile is stronger then my
(ache) it's safer now inside
i'm running now through special you
to show you a way from words to something new
Track Name: Last chance
There's fire in these eyes
There's no smoke
I'm digging my way out my grave
My sanity's lost again and again
We're screaming our lungs out deaf god

There's no way out but my self
We are screaming our lungs out
I've been walking through
Some meaningless times
And i have to make it stop
I'm cleaning the blood as i'm facing the fears on my way
They wont hear me again
They wont help me again
My mind will keep me high
As im running last chance on my life
And i will return
Yes i will return
Track Name: Suffocated
Falling slow into this useless act
breathing deeply, start to live
please mind the gap when you decide to run
something else is running me inside

So hand me down these thoughts of mine again
no you can't understand i'm suffocating between my own lies again

The burning ground I cant forgive myself, only one thing left to do

It came to an end i'm fearless again
let's get it over with
Track Name: Steps of fear
Steps of fear
Get you nowhere
I'll see the light
I'll build my own sight

How do I trust these lines?
They're burning up by your great gagged potential
Of being

Is there any page I missed?
Why couldn’t anyone warn me?
Steps of fear get you nowhere

Ill hold my vision close, i'll feed my ears with hope
I'll gain my place beside you, I'll fill my place on earth
Despite of what you said, despite of who I am,
I'll be a better man, I'll be a better man